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A Little about myself.....

My name is John Roberts. I enjoy spending time traveling, hiking and seeing live music across the country, and cooking. These hobbies bring me the creative inspiration to design.


I am a seasoned graphic designer who specializes in non illuminated and illuminated signage, interior ADA/braille compliant signage and Wayfinding.


I have over thirty years of experience in the field of environmental graphic design. I began with screen printing and vinyl graphics which prepared me for a career in architectural signage design, including conceptualizing innovative branding design solutions, utilizing digitally printed graphics, large format printing, and sign fabrication.


My introduction into the world of signage and sign design came while in college 1992. My first experience with vinyl graphics was while doing a magazine cover project. I had already took my photographs and while I was laying out my text, I needed a way of transferring text onto my cover instead of hand drawing all the text. Then while I was out, I came across a small vinyl shop. This is when I learned what a plotter and vinyl graphics could offer the industry that, I was getting ready to graduate in to. Since then I have worked with some of the best sign shops and fabricators the industry has to offer. Since graduating I have been in the sign industry for 30 years. During this time I have been drawing logos that work with any type of signage rather it be illuminated or non-illuminated, flat cut letters, pylons, monument signs, and store-front window graphics.

Let’s design something for your vision....

Please get in touch with any questions or projects you would like to create.

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