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YSG Wall Display Signage

S/F Wall Display Signage.

~ Header Text is 1/4" sintra with thin ga. aluminum laminate adhered to faces of sintra. 

~One (1) s/f. non-illuminated 2" deep backer fabricated of alum.

~Backer face & sides painted Burgundy. 
~(15) 1/4" FCO panels cut from sintra.

~(15) FCO thin ga. aluminum laminate adhered to faces of sintra

 edges of sintra painted MP brushed alum paint.

~Panels are permanently adhered to backer.

Interior signage

ADA Interior Tenant Panel

Interior signage

ADA wall mounted Interior Tenant Panel.

~ Tenant sign of silvertone etched zinc.

~ Zinc mounted flush to 1/4" polished chrome laminate backer plate with black edges.

~Name & Number plate are separate pieces of etched zinc.

~Tenant name is brushed chrome foil. background color is black.

ADA Interior Tenant Panel w/ Paper Insert window

Interior signage

ADA Tenant Panel w/ window of Paper Insert.

~ 3/16" clear acrylic backer with face and edges painted. Face of backer to have a 1.00" x 1/16" milled out area (for paper inserts)

~ 1/6" non-glare acrylic painted grey 2nd surface. acrylic laminated to face of backer.

~Name & Number raised 1/32" w/ grade 2 braille rasters.

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